19 05 2008

Is it only me that feels that all girls are all PRETTY ! yes all girls are pretty ! There should be no labeling of girls. Like saying that girl is so pretty or that girl over there is not so pretty.I hate it and i feel sad when i see girls feeling insecure about themselves.And if i could i would walk up to that girl and say hello you look pretty today or maybe give her a stalk of flower ? But then by doing so she may thinks that i am crazy or some psycho but my intention is to only make her feel more confident and brighten her day. The worst thing that could happen is that the whole thing justs backfire on you instead of trying to increase her confidence , it all backfire on you until it really demoralizes you.

Sometime in the trains or buses i notice that girls try to dress as sexy as possible. Maybe its just because of the hot weather nowadays. But why is there a need to dress so sexy ? it just attract all the unwanted attention. If it is because the sexier you dress the more pretty you get , i would really like to say to them ” You are pretty , really . Please please wear a much more decent cloths next time and  will still look pretty”

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Facial Expression

11 05 2008

I always wonder is it possible to tell a person character just by looking at his/her facial expression.Sometimes when i walked pass by people i took notice of their facial expression.Some are just plain expression.Some just have this happiness and joyful look while some just have frown facial expression.

For example i saw this girl her expression was normal just plain.I am wondering if its possible to just extract anything from her expression to give any clue on what she is thinking.Then again people can put up any faces they want.People can just put a fake facial expression (mask) just to blend with other people.

Is it really hard to read people facial expression?

So how genuine is a person facial expression ? Sometime i feel like just smashing,tearing,snatch,crack,pulled or crush that person fake mask or facial expression.Maybe if you were to look into that person’s eye than you can find out wheather that person is putting on a fake expression or a true one.

I just want to know the truth about that person feeling just by looking at their face.Then we can filter out all the fake smiles from the genuine smile.

Maybe it is decrypted in their facial expression and we need to decode it to understand their true feeling?Wouldn’t it be good if we can simply read a person feeling just from their expression.Then we need not feel guilty if that person is portraying a sad face if we knew the person true feeling.At the same time facial expression can be deceiving as well.

Whenever i see sad people i do feel guilty for some unknown reason.Maybe because they do not deserve to be sad and they should always be happy.Especially girls , i hate it when i see sad girl.If i have enough courage i would cheer up any sad girl i see.But then again how do we define sad.Is it when they cry then it is consider sad ? or when they just show a plain emotionless facial expression?

Its just so complicated.Okay thats it for this entry , thank you for reading


4 05 2008

Foreign Talent or Foreign Worker is everywhere don’t you think ? Every time you take any public transportation it is inevitable that you will meet with the FT’s (unless if you are very lucky). There is an influx of FT over here. 😦 They are even invading our neighbourhood 😦 .Why didnt our leaders put a cap on the numbers of FT that are allow to stay over here. It is starting to get overwhelming. Everywhere you go you see them. Sometime do you even feel that you are like staying in a foreign land ? Do you still have that sense of belonging ? Have we lost our national identity 😦

Locals – Stop bringing in more FT to our country !!

Our Leaders – but We need to attract more talent worldwide! ( why would real talents would want to come here? i am sure that they would rather go elsewhere where they can maximize their talent.I guess only the left over would like to come here.)

Locals – The foreigners are stealing our jobs !! arghh We will be jobless!!

Our Leaders – Where got, there are not stealing our jobs la !

Yes it is the fact that we have to hire FW to do jobs which singaporean do not want to have it but what about hiring FT for jobs in management level ? jobs like salesperson ? i am sure singaporean love to have those job but why do we have to fight with the FT for those kind of jobs ?

How many of you have heard or seen this quote “Jobs for foreigners , NS for singaporeans” ? This only apply to male Sgrean only. When we go to NS , the FT have higher chances of securing the jobs first. Lets say if there is war will the foreigners help to defend us ? i doubt so. Probably they are the first to run back to their homeland. Even after one have finish serving NS they are still at an advantage when they are call back for manning or reservist and they have to disrupt their jobs and career. With this in mind how many employer are willing to continue hiring them ? why not hire FT instead ? cheaper plus they do not need to undergo any reservist or training.

Even in poly some courses like engineering are full of foreigners.Then again how many foreigners are accepted in our local uni.Our leader even give scholarship to foreigners student to study here.Again we have to fight with the FT for a place in local uni.

Alright besides all this some FT also create a bad image in singapore.For example they spit ,they litter or even cause public nuisance.

Many well-known company are hiring FW just so that they can cut down on the cost at the expense of having a good customer service.Some even do not know english language !

Some are also trying to impose their own culture into singapore.Some are just leeching our resources and uses our country just as a stepping stone!

Are we too dependable on foreigners? What if all the foreigners were to leave singapore?Is being PR better than being a citizen of singapore?

Are they importing more FT so they could secure more votes ?

This are just the few issues that concerns us but there are many more to be voiced out.Theres a lot more and i could’nt type a proper ending , if you guys want to know more just check the local forum and thats it for this entry.Lets just hope there will be changes in the next 2011 GE.

Missing Person

27 04 2008

I am sure many of you have seen the board that is dedicated to just missing people located near every MRT station.Every time on my journey back home i will surely pass by it.I wonder do Singaporeans even have a time to spare to just look at the board for like a few seconds. Just by doing this they could still help to look out for them.Whenever i walk pass it, i would glance through the picture and it always make me wonder where do this people really go.It is very intriguing to think about it that some people just went missing just like that *poof* gone.Mostly i have seen were pictures of teenagers and elderly man posted there.Every one or two month there will be different faces.Some of whom had already been found will have a huge red “found” stamped on their poster.And those who are still yet to be found remains in the board.

A person will be regarded as missing until his/her body or their remains have been found.

Perhaps in the case of teenagers who went missing they might have probably ran away from home and most of the missing teenagers are girls.Elderly people who went missing might probably got lost on their way home or something.Or perhaps because that elderly people are easily convince and deceive they may have been strayed away by some organization.Or teenagers being naive are easily taken advantage of by some organization as well.

The chances of that they may have been kidnapped is almost near impossible(however when people become too complacent ,” Singapore is so safe some don’t even lock up ” from wiki , anything could happen. )Or probably they got tricked into joining some sort of scheme and ended in human trafficking or mysteriously dragged away by some cults or they could have gotten into an accident like accidentally fell into a drainage system or tunnels and could not get any help. Those are the logical theory on their disappearance.On the other hand the not so logical explanation are that they may have been abducted by aliens? (noway ! alien in Singapore ? lol ) or could they have accidentally slip into another dimension(parallel universe?)human combustion? or just simply vanish into thin air?

– Alright after glancing through page i found out that from Jan 2008 up to April 2008 there are 15 people who are still missing till now.6 are elderly people while the rest are the teenagers and the mid thirties.This is solely based on the information from that site and excluding the number of missing cases reported.Roughly around 3 person each month will went missing and will still be missing according to the previous information.Although 15 seems small but this number are actually people who really went totally missing. The chances of you to went missing is like %0.00033 yeah almost close to zero.

After looking through all the missing people photos it really just make me feel sad just plain sad.When looking through their eyes it some sort arouse a feeling of sadness.Its like as though i am reminiscencing in the past.Are they trying to tell us something?.I really feel for those old people who went missing.It is at that time of age where there are to enjoy every remaining day of their life until their time have come.If they are never to be found they will leave behind their loved one with missing pieces of their life.Their sons or daughters mind will always be troubled by their missing parents and thinking what might have happen to them will effect their daily work.The fact that they are still missing is really disturbing.Where could have they gone too ? this is Singapore like most people say it is almost impossible to get lost in Singapore.

I am only talking about missing person in Singapore but what about missing person in other countries ? and how many people in this world went missing each month ?

The possibility of slipping into another dimension is the most disturbing for me.This is just a theory and i am assuming that once your inside the other dimension you are trapped forever in it.People believe that there are 10 dimension altogether. Google it and theres a video which elaborate more on each dimension from 1D – 10D. this website contains sources that support the above theory.This people just vanish without leaving any traces behind.There are no logical explanation for this.Some of the disappearance even happened right in the public presence.One of the story’s even mention that the person was sleeping before he disappeared.Could dreams lead to other dimension ?Because you see sometime in your dreams you are able to control the decision you made in your dream.People called it “Lucid Dream”.Sometime in your dreams you will have the feeling to either move forward or to stay behind.Your guts feeling or instinct will naturally tell you to stay behind.At that point you have total control of your sub-conscious and you are able to make your own decision.

Maybe there are ways to get to the other dimension like through dreams or maybe those people who went missing at a certain spot might have accidentally tear the fiber of reality and slipped inside other dimension.

From personal experience , i had a dream just like in this situation before.I was actually trying to see the what time is it on the clock and that particular clock also tell us the date.I know this because , well this clock was actually in my home and i recognized it.So i was like whats the time and what day is it.As i was trying to move forward i realized that this is wrong why should i need to know the time anyway.I try to make out what time is it but the vision of the time is so blurred.At that point of i told myself to just move a bit closer.I try to move closer and closer but everything around me seems to dragged behind like as though pulling me away from the clock and no matter how many steps i take i still could not figure what time is it.Sensing something is not right i just let it go and i cant remember what happen after that probably that dream morph into another dream.

I don’t know why i can remember this particular dream maybe because it is so strange that the moment i woke up i try to recall this dream and had been thinking about this since.What will happened if i were to put more force and push myself forward towards the clock as though breaking some sort of “barrier” which prevent me from getting closer to the clock.Will i get into the other dimension ?

The rest of the not so logical theory all does not seems convincing enough for me.I believe that people cant just go simply missing there must be a reason.Missing person should’nt go unnoticed we should try to spread more awareness to the public.Sometime i am afraid what if my loved ones suddenly went missing.What if i accidentally slip into another dimension without noticing it.Anyway issues like this are what typical Singaporean regarded as unimportant only until if it really happen to their own family or relatives then they will become more concern about it.

Alright thats it for this blog entry.Thank you for reading


17 04 2008

I am still wondering if goodwill is the right word to describe actions that people do just out of nowhere ? random ? sincerity ? to simply make other people happy or brighten their day without expecting anything in return.Like for example one can be a total stranger to another and probably have not even met one another but yet one would do good deed to the other person when they meet. Sometimes some of them did it without any reasons at all but simply just because they feel like doing it or they having a change of heart like wanting to be a better person and try to do all sort of good things.However when i google this word goodwill it gives me a totally different meaning , mostly i get is company’s name or some brand name but none i see describe the word in detail not even wiki maybe there is but i pretty much do not understand much of the content inside it and what are they referring to. Is the word goodwill rarely use ?

Here’s the meaning from

Maybe in Singapore you probably will not see this kind of things very often like a stranger doing a good deed to another stranger but yeah they do actually happen. In my opinion maybe it is because typical Singaporeans are more concern about themselves than other people around them but maybe not all of them. Its like why do we need to care kind of attitude.It is also like we mind our own business and you just mind your own business.We all know that living in Singapore is so stressful because of the very high cost of living here. People are rushing to get from one place to another !! rush here rush there and each person is like trying get ahead of each other .Despite all this horrible daily life some people do manage to just relax and enjoy life while still trying to earn a living.They just carry on with their daily life with a smile on the face.

Few days back when i was in the MRT i witness an elderly women giving up a seat to another women probably in her twenties.Alright at first the old women was knitting (yeah knitting)then a couple step into the MRT.The husband manage to get a sit beside the old lady and the seats are nearly full.The train starts moving and the couples started chatting with each other.The seats are located right next to the MRT door.So its like the women is standing beside her husband and chatting . All this is perfectly normal but then a few minutes later the elderly women gave up her seat to the women chatting with her husband.This to me is not normal.She could like continue knitting and need not move over to other seat because firstly she is more older then the other women and she got the seat first! The women hesitate at first and like refusing because it look very weird but eventually she sit down and gets to talk with her husband without having to stand while the elderly women change her seat to the other side.I was like thinking that this is very unusual.From this point onwards i started to stare at blank space or watch the scenery through the window.Time passes by , station after station people coming in and out , then i just notice that the previous elderly women is just standing a couple of steps from me cant remember exactly how many station had passed so i guess that she is getting off soon. However when the MRT reached the next station she is not alighting.Umm maybe another station.But no so is for another few more stations.So i am assuming that she gave up her seat again to another person ! maybe i am not sure about it but even if it is not she is giving other people the oppurtunity to sit whereas she is to stand and this is indirectly doing a good deed because maybe there are people who might had come back from worked and feeling tired and will be glad to find the empty seat. I cant recalled wheather she alight the same station as me or the station before it either which she stand for quite awhile. I am guessing that she is probably not feeling tired or prefer to stand.

Blogging about this thing reminds me of this movie called “Pay it forward” . It is a very nice movie. Although I cant remember much of the movie in detail but it is basically about how one good deed done by one person can cause some sort of chain reaction .Its like there is this man who helped another guy and when asked why is he helping him the man just reply pay it forward . Then this trend keep on repeating , the previous guy who got helped , helped another person and it keeps on going .For example this person help that person , that person help another person and so forth.

Why am i blogging about this is because i feel guilty today.I went to school taking the free shuttle bus service from hougang interchange. The queue is very long as always.I got on board of the bus and i am fortunate enough to get a seat in the bus while the others had to stand.The journey to ngee ann from hougang interchange is about 1 hour + ride , so its very tiring to stand all the way.Then there is this girl standing beside me , she seems having trouble standing like when the bus turn she would lose her balance and immediately try to grab one of the seat’s handle. I feel pity,sad,sorry for her and i actually had in mind to give up my seat to her because yeah she is a girl and girls need to sit down .All the way i was thinking to give or not to give , give or not to give until we reached to school.Maybe i should but maybe i should not ! Grr Thankfully the next day no one are allowed to stand and once all the seats in the bus are full the rest had to wait for the next bus.

Okay thats it for now.